Want your cat to stop shedding so much hair? Need to get its nails trimmed? In either case, it would be a lot better to leave such work to the professionals from Bonnie's Pet Boutique. Our grooming salon is located in Washington, PA and here, cats of all breeds and ages can be groomed to their owner’s liking. If you want to know what exactly our cat grooming service includes and why turning to us is the right thing to do, you should keep reading.

Even though cats clean themselves regularly and many people consider that to be quite enough, it’s not. Cats still need to be washed from time to time and if their fur is longer, to get it trimmed together with their nails. This will keep your cat not only looking better but a lot happier and healthier as well. Don’t try to groom it by yourself, though. You may be able to clean its fur but the clipping of the fur is a lot more complicated than it may seem and the help of an expert will be needed in such a case. So instead of risking it, just schedule an appointment and get the cat grooming done at our salon, by an expert.

Each groomer who works here, at Bonnie's Pet Boutique, has a lot of experience doing what they do. They can groom both cats and dogs but we think it’s safe to say that trimming a cat’s fur can be a lot more complicated. For that reason, we don’t recommend to our clients to do any of that at home because this may scare the cat and make it a lot more difficult to do anything at all. We have a professional approach and proper tools and products to groom any cat and make it look good.

If you would like to make your life and that of your lovely cat easier, just come to Bonnie's Pet Boutique to get it groomed. Our cat grooming experts will make sure to do everything needed within a short amount of time. We are based in Washington, PA and you can reach us at (724) 745-5562!