What Kind of Treatment Can You Expect for Your Pet?

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The Basic Pet Grooming Services Performed by an Expert

All pet owners want to provide their pets with an impeccable treatment. These days, pet grooming has grown into a multi-million dollar industry, which continues to develop even further. Whether for competitions or events, pampering your pet comes natural. If you wish to give your cat or dog a five star treatment, you need to know what to expect first. This is why, Bonnie's Pet Boutique has prepared a few services which are performed at most pet salons. Take a look!

Nail care.

A happy cat and a dogAlthough both cats and dogs have a natural ability to file down their claws down to size, sometimes an animal will require assistance. Pet grooming professionals advise people not to do it by themselves, because the nails of animals have nerve endings, and if cut down inappropriately, they can cause harm to the animal. This is why, if your pet needs some type of grooming, always bring it to an expert.

Hair Services.

No matter how well your pet cleans itself, at some point, it will be in need of a proper bath. Experts have a variety of special non-toxic products which they use in order to provide the animal with a proper bath. You can imagine that most pets feel reluctant towards water, and only an experienced professional can calm them properly. Other hair services include brushing and in some cases perfuming.


This is a more recent practice than the general ones. The idea here is to use special dye in order to paint a cat or a dog in a certain pattern or shape. It is a great idea to paint a large dog breed in the pattern of a tiger, and then turn people’s heads on the street. Remember that the paint used in such a service is especially created for pets, and this is why you shouldn’t attempt any painting by yourself.

The services listed above are just a few of many that are meant to make your pet feel wonderful. It just so happens that our Washington, PA professionals have a lot more information regarding pet grooming in general. If you wish to find out more, all you have to do is contact us today!

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