Pet Dental Care Tips

Want to Make Sure Your Pets Teeth Stay Healthy?

Never presume to think that your pet will tell you that their teeth hurt. Some think the biggest indicator of tooth pain is when their pet ceases to eat. Their natural instinct is for survival, so they will continue to eat in spite of their pain. Which is why it is better to be pro-active and schedule pet dental care checkups, at which time they will be able to examine your pet’s teeth and gums thoroughly.

Try to brush your pet’s teeth, this is not fun, however, there are ways to ease into this regimen. Try when possible to train your pet from an early age, and remember to use plenty of positive reinforcement. You can also train older pets to accept brushing their teeth, however, it needs to be done gradually, and with plenty of positive reinforcement, if you are unsure, speak to your vet for more advice.

Pet dental care is not a luxury, and oral care products for pets is now available, plus, they won’t break the bank. You can find the likes of brushes and other such cleaning devices, in addition to feline and canine toothpaste at most vet’s, pet boutiques and pet care chains, some under $10.

Try when possible to give you pets tooth-friendly food. Crunchy food, especially special dental diet kibble is better for their teeth than canned food is, that does, in fact, promote plaque and tartar buildup. Remember, that crunchy food is only part of a healthy-mouth equation, it will not keep plaque and tartar at bay by itself.

Never give your pet candy, ever! Pets should never be given candy of any sort. Such as chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, not to mention bad for their teeth. If you are looking for a pet dental care service in your area, call Bonnie's Pet Boutique in Washington, PA today on (724) 745-5562.